How to capture lead source in Feathery

How to capture lead source in Feathery

Are you using Feathery, and want to track the source of your leads?

This strategy determines the source of your leads on Feathery, from search engine optimization, paid advertising, social media engagements, or emails.

Understanding the source of your leads empowers you to allocate your marketing resources effectively, ensuring they’re invested in channels that yield the highest returns. Eager to gain these insights?

Let’s dive deeper!

How to track the source of lead in Feathery

1. How LeadSources collects the lead source data

As visitors make their way through your site, their browsers capture key details of their visit, saving this information in a cookie, including the path they took to arrive at your site.

When one completes a form on Feathery, they enter data into the visible input fields, such as their name and email. At the same time, operates in the background, integrating extra data regarding the lead’s source into the Feathery form as hidden fields, which include the channel and source of the visit.

After the submission of the form, this crucial lead source information is combined with the lead’s details and saved within Feathery’s submission logs. This setup allows you to view the origin of the lead, in addition to their name, email, and any other information they provided, all in one consolidated Feathery record.

2. How LeadSources passes the lead source data into Feathery

Start by registering at, where you’ll be provided with a concise script for your website, accompanied by an elaborate guide simplifying this straightforward procedure.

Then, proceed to integrate hidden fields into your Feathery forms. delivers a clear and direct tutorial to facilitate this phase smoothly.

The real transformation occurs every time a form on your website is completed; operates secretly in the backdrop. It automatically populates those hidden fields with critical lead source intel:

  • Channel
  • Source
  • Campaign
  • Term
  • Content
  • Landing Page
  • Landing Page Subfolder

Upon the form’s submission, this lead source data directly enters Feathery, situating itself within submission records alongside vital details such as the lead’s name and email. This provides you with a profound comprehension of each lead’s origin, thus equipping you to develop well-informed strategies for the next engagement.

How to analyze the lead source data

What data is tracked in Feathery?

Throughout this article, we’ve emphasized that determining the origin of your leads using Feathery extends well beyond just identifying their initial entry point. It’s about compiling an intricate understanding of each lead’s distinct path.

To aid in this comprehension, LeadSources carefully monitors 7 distinct pieces of information for each lead:

Lead source dataDefinition
ChannelIdentifies the traffic type. LeadSources organize your leads across 10 different channels, including Paid Search, Organic Search, Email Campaigns, Paid Social, Organic Social, Referrals, Direct Traffic, Affiliates, Display Advertising, and Other UTM-tagged efforts.
SourceSpecifies the exact source or platform directing the visitors. For instance, for a lead coming from the channel “Organic Social,” the sources might be Facebook, Instagram, etc.
CampaignThe specific name of the marketing initiative. For example, if you are executing multiple campaigns on Google Ads, it allows you to identify which particular campaign attracted your leads.
TermTargets the specific keyword associated with a campaign. For instance, if there’s a Google Ads campaign labeled “Search campaign for house insurance,” LeadSources will classify your leads by the specific keyword targeted, like “House insurance in New York,” “House insurance in Miami,” etc.
ContentThe specific part of your advertisement that the audience engaged with.
Landing PageThe web address of the landing page where the lead initially arrived, like
Landing Page SubfolderDistinguishes the specific subfolder of the landing page URL, offering more detailed tracking. For example, if a visitor lands on, the “services” subfolder is what gets tracked.

How to create performance reports?

Leads source reports

Elevate your marketing efforts with detailed lead source analysis using Feathery.

Leads by channel report

Start by organizing your leads according to the Channel they originated from, like “Search Paid”, “Email Marketing”, etc., to determine which channels are most efficient at generating leads.

Next, search into a particular channel, such as Paid Search (widely recognized as Google Ads), and break down your leads by each campaign to discover which Google Ads campaign is driving the most leads.

To examine deeper into the effectiveness of a specific campaign, further segment your leads with comprehensive reports on “Volume of leads by keyword” and “Volume of leads by advertisement”. For instance, a legal firm in the United States could obtain a detailed report showing:

Leads by keyword report

Sales source reports

You’ve accurately identified which advertisements and keywords have been most effective in generating leads through Feathery. Yet, the critical inquiry remains: do these leads enhance your revenue?

By integrating your Feathery submissions with a CRM solution such as GoHighLevel (available for a free trial), you’re empowered to generate analytical sales reports similar to those derived from specialized sales analytics tools.

Imagine the following example:

ChannelsSearch Paid (Google Ads)Social Paid (Facebook Business)
Average order value$150$100

For example, upon evaluating the “Leads by Channel” overview derived from your adventures on Google and Facebook, it became apparent that ads under Paid Social were outperforming Paid Search in lead volume.

However, subsequent analysis, aimed at analyzing which leads transitioned into genuine and legitimate customers, Paid Search was more effective at bolstering revenue, despite its lower lead volume. This insight compelled a strategic budget reallocation favoring Paid Search.

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